2 Player Chess

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Perform a cool, interactive, 2 player chess game onto your cell phone, tabletcomputer, notebook or desktopcomputer! Choose your approach to bring down your opponent’s king, and carefully put your pieces in valuable areas round the board. Pay careful attention yet! Your competitor will very probably have a cute trick or two from the pipeline! To play the game, cellular & tablet computer users might need to flip their device horizontally. When the game loads, click or tap on the ‘Play’ button. Both Players take turns to move, with frequent chess rules in play. On tablet or mobilecomputer, tap on the item you would like to proceed, and swipe into the playing grid square on the display you would like to proceed to (This is exactly the identical activity on notebook and desktopcomputer, using a ‘drag and click’ activity rather than tap and swipe). To prevent confusion, the Queen is the massive cube using the round slice on top, although the King is the massive cube using the diamond-shaped slice on top. To undo the last move, click or tap on the ‘Back’ arrow at the upper left corner of the play area. To come back to the Main Menu screen, tap on the 3-line ‘Menu’ button at the upper right corner. If you would like to modify the expression of the chess board, then proceed into the ‘Topics’ tab on the main menu screen, and choose in the 4 distinct colours. Enjoy!